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October 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I remember my dad telling me that as a little kid I really loved to laugh.  When I look back at my early childhood photos I tend to have a huge smile and am enthusiastic.  In the photos below, left to right, I remember bringing on the smile so that people would smile back.  That's me with my arm up in the air as my siblings and I toured Chicago (that's the Conrad Hilton in the background).  In family photos I brought that crazy smile.  To this day my goal in life is to laugh every day.  That was a key criteria in a husband.  I knew anyone I dated had to have a good sense of humor because laughing and smiling is fundamental to me.  Even when I've had some bad, sad days, and there have been many, I seek to find that glimmer of joy and happiness because it is that intrinsic to me.  Lucky for me I did marry a man who makes it his mission to make me laugh every day.  Hmm, maybe unintentionally.

Behind the Lens with Tina CaseBehind the Lens with Tina CaseBehind the Lens with Tina Case

Today I seek to find the funny, the joyful and the love whenever I photograph.  It's a core facet of who I am. So whether I'm at an event like a corporate function or a little two-year old child's birthday party, I'm looking for those moments when someone has the wide smile or spontaneous guffaw of laughter to capture forever.  I also find that making someone laugh during a session helps relax them and brings their true personality to the forefront.

I love this little boy's big wide laughI love this little boy's big wide laughI love this little boy's big wide laugh

My photography blog is my way of sharing with you a bit of who I am, what I love to do and how I work.  It provides a way for you to get to know me and what I look for during a session.  You can also find a lot of photography reviews by clicking on this link where I write for examiner.  

I'm proud of several things in my photography adventure.  First, I'm proud that I took a leap of faith and quit my job behind a corporate desk for a life behind the camera.  It was a huge risk because at the same time that I left my job my husband took a job with a start up.  I'm happy to say we're both successful and the journey has been amazing.  For me every new client and every new opportunity has been rewarding and fruitful.  

Photo of a homeless man in San FranciscoPhoto of a homeless man in San FranciscoPhoto of a homeless man in San Francisco

Secondly I'm proud of the personal projects I have developed on my own.  One year I worked as a volunteer with Housing 1000.  That experience gave me insight into the world of the homeless and the tireless efforts of the team whose goal was to house 1000 of them within 3 years.  Today I am a volunteer photographer for Montalvo Arts, Tommy's Golf Fore Achromatopsiathe Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I just became certified for A Little Rae of Hopea nonprofit devoted to providing photos to families with loved ones, of any age, who are facing life threatening illnesses. Thirdly, I'm proud of the relationships with my clients, many of whom are now friends.  It's a privilege working with so many families and watching them as they expand from their first newborn to their second, third - and my latest, fifth newborn. I am proud that my collaboration with Tracy Lee, CEO of Dishcrawl, resulted in being on her Board of Advisors.  I have learned that food and networking go hand in hand.

Photo of a pancreatic cancer survivor for the printed publication.Photo of a pancreatic cancer survivor for the printed publication.Photo of a pancreatic cancer survivor for the printed publication.

The one thing I hope you take away from reading my blog and learning about me is that I welcome you with a big smile, that I hope to make you laugh during our time together, and that you remember our session as a fun experience.  Because that's what life is all about.  The journey, the experience, and laughing along the way.


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