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Dew Drop Refraction Photos with olloclip 4-in-1 Lenses | Tina Case Photography

October 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I love to play around with a number of slick camera accessories for my iPhone.  The iPhone camera is outstanding.  I use my DSLR for professional work plus I have a point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot S120 (which I write about here) which I use for personal use.  But for everyday I rely on my iPhone 5S because it's readily accessible.   My favorite iPhone camera accessory is my olloclip 4-in-1 lenses.  With these lenses you have a fisheye, wide angle, and two macro (10x and 15x) lenses.  I really love the macro lens for capturing shots of flowers, dew drops and bugs.

Favorite Smartphone camera accessories by olloclip.olloclip 4-in-1 lensesFavorite Smartphone camera accessories by olloclip.

I recently saw some beautiful refraction dew drops shots on Flickr.  I like to browse Flickr's EXPLORE section for ideas and inspiration.  Today I took a few minutes to play around with my olloclip lenses to capture some refraction dew drop shots.

To do this you'll need a two layered set up.  In the foreground place your plant or object that will have a series of water drops to capture the refraction of whatever is placed behind it.  I used a potted plant that had a long leaf and sprayed it with a fine mist of water.  Behind that I had a simple purple flower.  I had to reposition the background flower in a spot that would allow it to be captured in the dew drop.  After a little bit of shifting things around I was able to snap several shots of dew with the flower refraction.  The hardest thing was dealing with the breeze since I was doing this outdoors.

Lots of photo enthusiasts use their high-end macro lens and DSLR to do this.  But with a smartphone camera and these great olloclip lenses you are able to capture amazing macro shots.

My first test shot out of the camera was this one below. While it wasn't exactly what I was aiming for, I liked the round ball of dew and the colors of the flower and petals that are noticeable in the drop.

The shot below is more of what I was aiming to capture.  I wanted to get at least two drops of dew with the refraction of the flower.  With the dry weather we've been having in California lately, I'm looking forward to some frosty mornings where I can attempt to do this without having to finagle it.  

With Halloween around the corner, I'm going to do this with a pumpkin refraction - or my dogs if I can get them to sit still long enough.  

What do you like to capture in your off-time?


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