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Family Photography Fundraising | Cupertino - Saratoga Family Photographer

December 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When my three children were in elementary school I was a staunch volunteer at their public school.  From homeroom mother to President of the Education Fund, I loved volunteering my time to make their experience the best it could be.  It ended up becoming a place for me to meet so many other parents who are now some of my very best friends.  That is why today I'm a big supporter of helping raise money for our public schools.  

This year I was so excited to participate in the Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation's (CEEF) Great School's Week.  I was delighted to give back and write a fat check to CEEF.   And most especially it was wonderful meeting so many young families in this community who are part of the Cupertino School District.  

The young and beautiful family (inside AND out) below contacted me after seeing my CEEF Great Schools Week offer.  And not only did they buy one but TWO packages.  Yay CEEF!  


CEEF Great Schools Week 2013CEEF Great Schools Week

Once they contacted me we exchanged a series of emails and phone calls.  We locked in a location and date.  And once we hooked up we immediately had a great time capturing their family.  It certainly didn't hurt that their two little boys were SO funny.  I can't wait to work with them again in the spring where my goal is to create a fusion video  starring their little boys and their Golden Retriever.  It will be a fun-filled experience that we'll craft and organize together.

What happens during a CEEF Great Schools Week Portrait Session?

First the family either calls or emails me to schedule a session.  We figure out the location, what to wear, and when to meet.  We discuss both posed and candid photos that they would like to capture.  Especially when children are young, candid photos are a great way to capture their essence.  For me the key is to capture the family in a candid, fun and natural loving way.  It's super simple when the stage is set from our first phone or email consultation.

Digital and Print Options

I recognize that in this day and age many people want to have a copy of their digital images.  That is also the way I prefer to manage my own personal photos.  But it's still so important to have that tangible image whether it is a small 4x6 print on your desk or a large wall cluster or canvas wrap above your fire place mantel.  So I provide both a print and digital option in the CEEF Great Schools Week package.  As add-ons I've also created books, short fusion videos and I also offer my services for free when it comes to designing their holiday cards.  These parents are SUPER BUSY so any help I can provide to create cards is all part of what I love to do for them.

Complimentary Home Decorating - Your Walls of Art

I have to admit that even through I'm a photographer I didn't take the time in my own home to decorate my walls properly. That is not until I hired a home decorator (what on earth took me so long to do this)?  Through my experience with my home decorator I have learned how to create a wall of art.  Now I offer that service for free for my clients and even have tools to help you visualize what your walls can look like with the portraits we take (and also your own photos). I will help you sort through your favorite photos, find the right size frames and position them on your walls.  For me, now when I walk into my photo-filled rooms it brings a smile to my face every time.  And that's why taking family photos are so important.  Couple that with a way to raise money for our schools and you have a win-win.

I look forward to working with the families in the Cupertino School District.  And writing another fat check to CEEF.

If you're a photographer wondering how to help raise money for your schools or if you are in the Cupertino School District and have questions about scheduling a family portrait session email me at [email protected]  


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