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It's a Wrap 2016 | Tina Case Photography

December 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Moving onMoving onMoving on

What an incredible year this has been.  Personally and professionally I experienced transitions that saddened my heart, filled my soul, brightened my horizon, strengthened my relationships and lifted my spirit of adventure.  

Heart: This summer one of my dearest friends in the world succumbed to pancreatic cancer, the same cancer that took my big brother's life in 2011.  I'm still coming to terms with it.  My heart is numb.  This spring I captured portraits for a wonderful family.  The matriarch passed away from the same horrible disease.  Our family dog of 12 years passed away. It was a paralyzing summer.  And just last month the mother of another family I took portraits for passed away from a brain tumor.  This has to stop.

Let your dreams find wingsLet your dreams find wingsLet your dreams find wings

Soul: In parallel over the summer I was in negotiations about a position I crafted to work as a photographer and curator for a family foundation.  I carefully constructed a business plan with the hope of putting my energy into something with a global purpose.  I'm thrilled that my endeavor has come to fruition.

Horizon:  The future looks bright as I commence my role at work and at home.  My role as a parent has been going through dramatic changes for the past several years. As each daughter becomes more mature and takes flight, my wings regain their strength to pursue my own passions.  So hear me ALL YOU MOMS OUT THERE.  It's not AT ALL about an empty nest it's about taking flight.  Once your kids fly the coop let your heart be joyful that you have done your job and now you can explore your passions and soar.  My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying this new chapter in our lives.  We have some exciting trips to look forward to, it feels like we're newly weds.

Dreams take flightLet your dreams take flightLet your dreams soar

Relationships:  Bonds between my children, my husband, my mother, my cousins were renewed and in transition this year.  My favorite aunt passed away just before she turned 95.  We had an "unintentional" reunion filled with sweet memories.  My mother discovered many letters she exchanged with my aunt.  Those letters filled in gaps I did not know about. It gave me a new appreciation of my mom.  I treasure these letters.  

My youngest daughter left for college in San Diego this fall.  That provided the impetus for rekindling a relationship with a wonderful friend who lives there. We put together a reunion which was SO MUCH FUN.  We're planning another reunion in Carmel in February 2017. Proof that CHANGE IS GOOD.

familyLooking forward to new adventuresfamily

Spirit of Adventure:  I have always loved the adventure of travel.  That spirit morphed as I went from being single and a flight attendant to being married with children.  My husband and I have taken our children on many incredible adventures including Mexico, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and multiple cities in the USA.  I went to Africa earlier this year on my own. Now that our children are adults we are planning several trips as a couple.  I think our kids feel left out.

A lioness and her three cubsA lioness and her three cubsA lioness and her three cubs

As we wrap up 2016 let's cheer and jump with glee at our excitement at what the new year brings.  I wish you a year full of good health, happiness, much laughter and the spirit of adventure.  May you and your loved ones have a memorable 2017!


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