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What to Expect at Our Newborn Photo Session

May 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Even before I had kids of my own I loved babies.  Hanging out with my nieces and nephews was always so much fun.  Perhaps because I'm the youngest, I always yearned for a younger sibling.  Today, now that my three daughters are in high school and college, I get my fill of babies during my newborn and 'baby's first year' sessions.  I relish photographing those cherubic cheeks, funny faces, curious glances and more.

Tina Case Photography LOVES newborn babies!A photo of Tina Case holding a newborn, taken by the dad.A dad takes a photo of Tina Case with his newborn baby.

The newborn session is one of my favorite.  Whether I'm working with seasoned parents or first time parents, it's an incredibly joyous time.  So what can you expect at our newborn session?

  1. Nurse the baby after I get there:  I'll ask you to hold off feeding your baby until I arrive.  We'll time our session around your mid-morning or afternoon feeding schedule.
  2. Session time: I allot 2 to 3 hours for a newborn session. Once I arrive at your home it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for me to set up. If the baby is wide awake we'll take photos of the parents and baby together.  We'll capture tiny details such as their hands and feet and baby pouts.  Then most often the mom will nurse the baby and they will be...
  3. Milk Drunk:  The ideal time to capture newborn photos is when they are 'milk drunk.'  In this state I can manipulate them in multiple poses.  They may stretch and fuss a tiny bit, but for the most part they are in a deep sleep where nothing wakes them up.  I'll often use a white noise app on my iPhone to help lull them to sleep.  
  4. Your Requests:  Often I'll have a parent ask me about what poses I'll do and what props I have.  I have an assortment of blankets, hats and wraps.  But by all means please pull out your family heirloom blankets, knitted hats and items that you want to have in the photo.  I'll figure out a way to incorporate it if possible.  If you have certain poses send me a link or follow me on Pinterest so I can see your favorite boards.  
  5. Keep the room cozy and warm:  If we're shooting on a cold day I'll ask that you turn up the heat to 78 to 85 degrees. I'll be sweating but the baby will be nice and toasty since they are often photographed in their newborn suit :)  If you need me to bring a portable heater, just let me know.
  6. Photos with siblings and extended family:  If you have extended family visiting by all means I'll help capture memories of them with your newborn. But let's be sure to capture the tiny details and the baby photos first while baby is cooperating.  
  7. Announcement cards:  My fee includes any help you might need with your baby announcement cards.  I love working with Tinyprints, and Shutterfly and Minted.  But if you have your favorite just let me know.
  8. Baby's First Year: The first year in a baby's life has more changes than any other year.  I offer a wonderful baby's first year package so you can remember all the details.  If you are interested in this, let's chat!
  9. Prints or Prince?  After our session you will have the chance to order prints of your prince (or princess).  I provide a few gift prints so you can see the quality from my professional lab.  I can guarantee the colors from my lab but I cannot if you go to a third party.  So that's why I include a few gift prints with each session.
  10. Online Gallery:  My clients love that I keep their gallery active.  As it turns out up to 90% of my clients do repeat work with me year after year.  Therefore I maintain an online portfolio for them with albums from each of our sessions.  They can share links, order prints and create albums directly from my site.  It's fast, convenient and off site in case of disaster recovery.
  11. ONE LAST THING: We will have the chance to take photos of the parents and baby together.  I'll do Mom and Baby, Dad and Baby and then all three of you (and siblings if the baby has any).  THEN - the best part if once we are done I'll give you a break when I'm taking portraits of just the baby.  Take a nap, have lunch - or just relax.  Enjoy that time!

Do you have further questions about our newborn session?  Just email me at [email protected] or call/text 408.621.6431.  

Baby Portraits by Tina CaseBaby Photos by Tina CaseBaby Portraits by Tina Case



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