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Get your Photos ‘Instantly Framed’ right from your Smartphone!

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There are more than 2.6 billion camera phones snapping and clicking around the globe today. With just Facebook as an example, 6 billion photos are uploaded A MONTH. How many of those images actually get printed and framed? Rather than let your images wither and die amongst your digital wallscape, check out the free app, Instantly Framed. In an instant you can bring your favorite photos to your actual walls at home or at the office to prop, hang and admire.

Get your favorite smartphone (or #TBT Throw Back Thursday) photo instantly framed!Get your favorite smartphone (or #TBT Throw Back Thursday) photo instantly framed!Get your favorite smartphone (or #TBT Throw Back Thursday) photo instantly framed! All to often we get in the habit of snapping photos with our smartphone only to post them to our social media walls but never our actual brick and mortar walls. Why is that? It becomes too easy to share our life moments but they are fleeting and forgotten by the next day when they remain digital.

I vividly remember those days when my mom would bring home an envelope of photos from family events. Whether it was Easter, Christmas, birthdays or graduations, we would always take our film cameras and have our photos processed and printed at our local Kodak lab. Going through those photos, sorting them into albums and enlarging and framing our favorite photos is history now. But with Instantly Framed you can easily change all of that.

Not only can you take your favorite smartphone photos, but also your personal scanned photos that can be uploaded to your smartphone. Some of my favorite and most cherished photos of my childhood, resurrected through #TBT (otherwise known on Instagram and Facebook as Throw-Back-Thursday) were sitting in old photo albums rather than on my wall.

With just a few simple clicks I ordered one of my favorite childhood photos to get instantly framed. It literally took less than a minute to select my photo, upload it to Instantly Framed, pick my photo size and order it. In less than a week my print arrived at my doorstep.

Shalee Cooper, a gallery curator and photographer, created Instantly Framed. Shalee wanted to find a way to prevent the loss of artwork and archived photos stored on social media. After extensive research Shalee realized many people were deterred from printing and framing their Instagram, Facebook and other photos taken from their smartphone because there wasn’t an easy solution to transfer them into framed prints.

Shalee partnered with experts in the framing business from Alpine Art & Frame Inc. Robin Grey, Apryll Killpack & Cathi Sutherland. Together they took on the challenge of creating a simple way for users to print and frame photos directly from their phone. The solution was Instantly Framed—a free smart phone application that provides an easy process for printing, framing, and shipping your photos right from your phone. Whether you use your Instagram photos, Facebook photos, or photos from your camera roll, you can simply and easily upload them and have framed prints for your home or to give as a gift in 3 business days.

Instantly Framed uses eco-conscious walnut molding which is a natural resource and made in the USA. Their mission is to create quality products that are elegant, simple and beautiful.

When I received my print it was carefully boxed. The glass frame was protected with a foam board. And best of all the photo is beautifully printed on a nice textured matte paper. The whole process was incredibly simple. These make for wonderful gifts for friends and family. Ready to hang and display in an instant.

The frame comes in one size, which is 12"x12." Then depending on the clarity and resolution of your image, you have a choice of 8x8, 6x6, 4x4, 4x6 and 6x4."

The flat rate price for this is a mere $65. All of this plus shipping is FREE anywhere in the U.S. It truly makes a great gift for yourself or friend. You will receive a quality print on archival luster paper that is placed behind an acid-free mat on an American-made, sustainable farmed walnut wood frame. AMAZING.

Receive $10 off the $65 price through February 15, 2015 by using the code CIMOMSCLICK10. What a deal - and what a great gift for yourself or someone you love!

Start doing something new this year and select your favorite prints to Instantly Frame

Find more about Instantly Framed on:

Website http://www.instantlyframed.com/


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/instantlyframed

Twitter https://twitter.com/InstantlyFramed

Instagram http://instagram.com/instantlyframed

Tina Case is a photographer and writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes reviews, tips and tricks about photography gear and other consumer technology products.


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