Photo Restoration & Photo Scanning Services

How many of us have boxes of photos sitting in closets, drawers, and attics collecting dust?  Or what’s worse is having those photos degrade overtime and lose their original color and quality? 

I can preserve your cherished photos by scanning the prints and provide them to you on a CD or memory stick.  By digitizing your photos not only can you organize your family history - you can create new items that you weren’t able to before including coffee table books, DVD slideshows, jewelry and more.

I will scan up to 1000 photos to a CD for only $199.95.  Photos can be as small as a wallet size (about 2.5x3.5) and no larger than 8x10.  After the first 1000 scans each photo is $0.15 for each additional scan.

How do I get started?

Email [email protected] and I will send out instructions and shipping information.  I provide this service to anyone within the United States, sorry, no international service at this time.