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Free Instagram Photobooth Prop | Tina Case Photography

September 08, 2014  •  22 Comments

Updated November 2016:  

PLEASE READ FIRST - This answers most frequently asked questions:

  • I LIKED your Facebook page, now where do I find the download? ANS.  First, you MUST use a laptop or desktop, you cannot do this from a mobile device.  A tablet such as a SURFACE PRO will probably work as long as you have PHOTOSHOP.  After LIKING my Facebook page scroll to the section that says "Apps" and find the tab for FREEBIES. Click on FREEBIES.  That will take you to my Instagram page where I have the link to the 12 free Photoshop templates.

  • What size is the file?  The file is quite large, it is almost 20 MB.  That is due to the many layers it contains.  

  • Can I download this file to my Smartphone or Tablet?  ANS.  NO.  This download is meant to be used on a desktop or laptop.  If you download to your tablet or smartphone you will need a fully functioning copy of Photoshop as this is a .PSD file - used in Photoshop.

  • What are the dimensions of the final image? It starts out as a 4x5" image.  That makes it possible for you to resize it on your laptop to 20x30 inches which is the size of a poster (in the U.S.).  Costco, for instance, has a nice poster that you can print on a heavy card stock or foam core board.  Talk to your local Costco or Walgreens to find out how to order.

  • Can I change the Instagram profile name, text and cut out?  Yes - you just have to know how to use Photoshop.  You can erase the text I have there now (or hide that layer) and create your own text.

  • Where can I have this printed? Try Costco or Walgreens - they have a Poster Board Option which is what you want to make it rigid.  Here's the link to Costco and here's the one for Walgreens.  Use the 20x30" option.  THEN use an exacto knife to cut the hole for the photo.

  • What fonts do you use?  The fonts used are: Instagram = Billabong; Profile Name = Arial Rounded.  The other comments are embedded in the file and are not fonts.  You can click the appropriate layer to turn them off or you can take the dropper tool to get the color and paint over the text with a paintbrush.  

  • Where can I learn more about Photoshop?   http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/   I am not a photoshop teacher, but check out The Coffee Shop Blog to learn about how to use clipping masks and more.  I love her blog.

  • Can I just get the JPEG file and edit without Photoshop?  NEW - I just released the jpeg of this template, it is sized as a 20x30" poster.  There is no profile name so you can get a sharpie and fill it in on your own.  Go to my Facebook page, Like it, then scroll down to the TABs section and click FREEBIES. It will take you to the download page.


I have a great time making photoshop templates and storyboards.  There are similar Instagram templates like this on Etsy, this one is customizable if you're familiar with Photoshop.  To learn more about Photoshop please check out The Coffee Shop Blog where you'll find a bunch of great tips, tricks and tutorials.


To download this Photoshop template you will have to go to my business Facebook page and 'Like' it to obtain it.  There are several other cool templates I created too :)


Link here: https://www.facebook.com/TinaCasePhotography, like that page and it will link to the download page.


This is sized for a 20x30 inch poster that you can have printed at your local Costco photo lab.  If you select the posterboard option at Costco then you just have to get an exacto knife to cut out the frame.  You may also want to adhere it to a second foam board for extra support. Have fun with this at your next photo booth!


I have two options.   The latest version is labeled Instagram 2.  The older version, for people who don't like change :) is below the latest file.  Good luck.  PLEASE BE SURE TO READ the tips above for best results.

Free Instagram Photobooth PropFree Instagram Photobooth PropFree Instagram Photobooth Prop



When I try to print it through walgreens or any other site after resizing and even before resizing it says image is too low of quality. I edited it in photoshop, is there something Im doing wrong or does the image print out really low quality? Thank you!
Thanks for this awesome share...how about facebook prop? anyone?
Tina Case Photography
Carrie what font and where did you get yours? Thank you!
I followed that link and when I click through to download it gives the same message, that the font has been removed at the request of the owner. I don't need the font anymore, I'm just sharing this FYI. Again, many thanks for sharing your templates!
Tina Case Photography
Hi, here's a new link to a free download of the Billabong font:

http://social-fonts.com/instagram/billabong/ - hope that helps!!
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