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Broadway & Musical Legends | Iris Dart, Mike Stoller and Artie Butler with The Guggenheims

What a privilege to be asked to take behind-the-scene photos of these musical legends. I have had enormous fun taking photos for the superbly talented Scott and Shannon G...
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The Gift of Rally | The Heart of a Dog

I was never a dog person. I didn't have anything furry growing up, only scaly fish, hibernating turtles and tree climbing lizards (all of them were my brother's). But onc...
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DIY Solar Filters Which Work Best?

Who else thought there was a TON of HYPE about the 2017 TOTAL ECLIPSE in the USA since February 26, 1979? Initially I was thinking of sleeping in but fortunately a wonder...
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More 5 Minute Friends from Iceland and Ireland

I've written before that when my family travels we LOVE to meet all sorts of people, both locals and fellow travelers. We call these folks our Five Minute Friends. Our mo...
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(F)ire and Ice | Our Whirlwind 6 days in Iceland and Ireland

What do you do when a week frees up on your calendar? You could stay home and melt into your couch like I often do. But this time I was inspired. So 2 of my 3 daughters a...
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Olloclip for iPhone 7/7Plus

Olloclip has done it again. They have created a new lens kit for the latest Apple 7series. I’ve been lucky enough to take it for a test spin. What’s included? The Cor...
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Five Minute Friends | Oh the People You Will Meet

Five Minute Friends This sounds like a title of a Dr. Suess Book, "Oh The People You Will Meet." Have you ever struck up a conversation with someone in the grocery line...
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Freedom Tour | Not an Empty Nester

[These posts act as much as a diary for me as blog posts about life. I don't want to forget certain things plus it's a way to catch up on my meanderings.] Not an Empty N...
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A Happy Ending Losing a Phone in a London Taxi

What do you do when you lose an iPhone in a London Taxi? Since we lived this tale we can tell you what we did and perhaps you can take a few of these tips in case this ev...
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It's a Wrap 2016 | Tina Case Photography

What an incredible year this has been. Personally and professionally I experienced transitions that saddened my heart, filled my soul, brightened my horizon, strengthened...
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Blessed Holidays | Tina Case Photography

Five years ago I experienced the deepest sadness I have ever had in my life. It was the year my big brother died from pancreatic cancer. I stopped sending out Christmas c...
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How to Remove a Stuck Canon 50mm Lens | Tina Case Photography

Ok, so you purchased a Canon nifty fifty for a double fifty dollars. While it is a spectacular lens for a cra-cra-CRAZY low price, it has a reputation for getting 'stuck'...
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Teaching Photography to Homeless and Recovering Addicts | Tina Case Photography

It started in 2013 that I began to notice whenever I would exit an off ramp or walk downtown I would encounter homeless people. Most passersby would turn the other way an...
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My Bucket List | Tina Case Photography

The thing about a published bucket list is there's the chance to revisit it "out loud." By making it public it has a way of making it real, of taking a life of its own. H...
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Playing with Photoshop Layered Templates - Lavender Fields | Before and After

Have you ever wanted to change the background in a photo? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the image of this very cute little girl that I took recently. It is a candid shot as she struck...
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