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Freedom Tour | Not an Empty Nester

[These posts act as much as a diary for me as blog posts about life. I don't want to forget certain things plus it's a way to catch up on my meanderings.] Not an Empty N...
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A Happy Ending Losing a Phone in a London Taxi

What do you do when you lose an iPhone in a London Taxi? Since we lived this tale we can tell you what we did and perhaps you can take a few of these tips in case this ev...
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It's a Wrap 2016 | Tina Case Photography

What an incredible year this has been. Personally and professionally I experienced transitions that saddened my heart, filled my soul, brightened my horizon, strengthened...
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Blessed Holidays | Tina Case Photography

Five years ago I experienced the deepest sadness I have ever had in my life. It was the year my big brother died from pancreatic cancer. I stopped sending out Christmas c...
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How to Remove a Stuck Canon 50mm Lens | Tina Case Photography

Ok, so you purchased a Canon nifty fifty for a double fifty dollars. While it is a spectacular lens for a cra-cra-CRAZY low price, it has a reputation for getting 'stuck'...
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Teaching Photography to Homeless and Recovering Addicts | Tina Case Photography

It started in 2013 that I began to notice whenever I would exit an off ramp or walk downtown I would encounter homeless people. Most passersby would turn the other way an...
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My Bucket List | Tina Case Photography

The thing about a published bucket list is there's the chance to revisit it "out loud." By making it public it has a way of making it real, of taking a life of its own. H...
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Playing with Photoshop Layered Templates - Lavender Fields | Before and After

Have you ever wanted to change the background in a photo? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the image of this very cute little girl that I took recently. It is a candid shot as she struck...
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Canon 5D Mark II LCD Cover Replacement

I'm not the best at keeping my camera equipment pristine. I am careful with lenses, but my camera bodies take a beating. It's terrible, I know, considering the cost of th...
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High School Senior Portraits | Tina Case Photography Cupertino, CA

I had a terrific afternoon taking family portraits this weekend. For this family session I worked with the mom who wanted to carve out time to capture HS Senior Portraits...
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Tanzania LOOK BOOK | Tina Case Photography

I'm still reeling in the afterglow a month after my trip to Tanzania with M&M Photo Tours and pro Jeff Cable. It was such an incredible experience. The landscapes, the pe...
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African Photo Safari with M&M Photo Tours

I just checked "African Photo Safari" off my bucket list. Yup, this past January, just days after returning from a wonderful trip to New Zealand, I took an unforgettable...
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New Zealand Vacation Itinerary | Tina Case Photography

New Zealand has been on my bucket list. When we visited Australia a few years ago we thought about combining the two countries into the same trip. We decided to separate...
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New Year's Eve in New York City | Tina Case Photography

Last December my family traveled from sunny California to experience the cold, wintery and festive holiday spirit that is unique to New York City. We brought in the New Y...
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Where to take Photos in the San Francisco Bay Area | Tina Case Photography

I'm often asked about the best places to take photos in the San Francisco - San Jose Bay Area. From Baker Beach (San Francisco) to Vasona Park (Los Gatos), there are SO m...
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